Slip of the silver tongue !

My friends and colleagues will tell you that secrets are safe with me. I don’t spill the beans and never have. Yesterday I came really close to spilling the beans during a conversation and luckily recovered, but it was a close shave. The experience taught me that, however much one is careful, sometimes, the silver tongue does slip. Not because you want to be the radio station broadcasting everyone’s secrets, but for no rhyme or reason, it may just happen.

What do you do about the spilt secret ? It really depends on the collateral damage it causes. Remember it could cost a very dear relationship, or a job or just cause something to happen or not happen. Mr. Arun Jaitley’s choice of words to describe the Nirbhaya rape was not premeditated. Even his worst critic knows that he didn’t mean to trivialise the tragedy, but the damage was enormous :(. The famous politician, who says the strangest (terrible) things and probably earns his stay in the CONgress is Digvijay Singh – his tongue seems to be lying on a bed of oil …. It just slips, never says the right thing !!

Well, yesterday’s incident made me realise that a true slip of the tongue may happen to anyone and the most well meaning amongst us. Sometimes, it’s needed and the Universe just chooses you to deliver that message and sometimes, it turns out to be all wrong… But yet again, everyone learns from it. I apologized profusely and because no one else registered what had happened, it was fine… But I dread to think if it happens inadvertently some other time, how do I recover the relationship ? Maybe I will have to evaluate the lesson for me in that and just let it be.

Sorry again, my friend.

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