Bull run !

I wish I was reporting a bull run with my stocks and that I ended up with a pile of money :):) but this is about another kind of bull run that happens regularly on the roads in India. These two pictures are from today morning at a road junction in Gurgaon.



It was around 10.30 and these bulls with huge horns just ran across. Several cars missed their green light … Ok I know we aren’t the most famous traffic rule followers but we are getting better :):). They missed a guy on a cycle and generally created chaos. There was no apparent “owner” behind them or ahead of them. I wonder who they belong to ?

This has happened in Bangalore too. Here’s a picture from March this year. These set of four bulls almost touched their noses with me :):). Atleast the good thing was, the owner was with them and he quickly led them away. They just positioned my side view mirror at a different angle.


While we Indians worship all creatures of Mother Nature and especially the cow, and we may just “adjust” ourselves to their presence on the road, it’s certainly not acceptable. They can cause damage as they run across by hitting some cars or bikes, and cause bigger damage by just scaring people ! As people try and avoid them, they forget who else is getting hit on the side. So as we build toilets, we also need to clear our streets of stray dogs and cattle. Very important and urgent need.

4 thoughts on “Bull run !”

  1. undoubtedly irksome. but you’d have noticed that while bulls,cows, buffaloes,camels,donkeys, pigs (and waddling ducks elsewhere in the country) try to make way for others,human mutants standing in groups, walking or cycling
    4 or 5 abreast just pay no heed!

  2. oh yes, surely this is a problem on Indian roads. A couple of years back, while i was driving in Pune, one of the buffalo out of a herd suddenly took a fancy for me and came charging. I was a smart enough to avoid a direct collision , but my car was dumb and got a huge dent on both the right side doors.

    How disastrous it would have been , if i was on a two wheeler ? That’s one time when I thanked my stars for my much earlier decision not to drive or ride pillion on a two wheeler.


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