Women … Girls … Hatred … Abuse …. Enough !

I saw this video just now, posted on Facebook and just felt unbearably sad. Some of the atrocities that it speaks of are heart wrenching. The gender responsible to bring the human race into existence is subjected to strong, debilitating abuse, killed in the womb and generally treated as objects, dirt. Why do we put up with it ? We let our brothers, fathers, husbands, boyfriends and uncles walk all over us, and as elder women, advise younger women to “accept” our lot.

The other day I was watching a chat show, where boys were sharing their love affairs with the mothers. Good, open dialogue. But when that girl comes home as a daughter-in-law, please be just as indulgent. Mothers are so indulgent with the boys, ready to accept anything that he chooses to do, but with girls, it’s all about “what will the society think”. We make the society, last I knew !!

Over the last few weeks, I have been checking on the number of women participants in every large group meeting I attend. In many meetings, am usually the only woman or at best there is one or two more. The corporate world’s lip service to women empowerment, needs a programmatic approach rather than just “talking” about it. You have men who want a “working” wife. But there are qualifiers to that “working” tag – be at a lower level in the hierarchy than him, earn less than him, raise kids, look like a diva and in some of the smaller towns also do the house work. Nice expectations. Btw they will leer and watch the young babes as the wife gets older and indulgent fathers would say “boys will be boys” ….

Am not completely disregarding some of the wonderful men out there, but the majority fits the bill above. When will we put a stop to this ? And women need to, men won’t. Waiting for more men to change and make way for equal rights for women will take ages. So every woman out there, stand up for yourself and for one other girl, daughter, sister, mother and don’t give up. Educate yourself, don’t allow the man to trample you and back each other up.

Watch this video if you lose steam …. If this doesn’t make your blood burn, check if your heart is still beating.

World hates women

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