Extra Time victory !

Congratulations to Germany for having won the Football World Cup. I don’t watch football and the only interest I had in this world cup was the fact that it was hosted in Brazil and some games were played in Belo Horizonte, the city we had visited as part of our MBA course last year.

The fact that Germany won by one goal made by a substitute player in extra time fascinated me. I think all of us get extra time for every project, every activity at work and in life … We just give up before that or don’t see it as extra time ! The other important aspect is, are you good enough for extra time ? Germany and Argentina were and Germany capitalised on the opportunity. The other fascinating lesson from the World Cup finals is – things change in an instant. What we attribute to luck is actually the meeting point of your hard work and the right opportunity. So there are no shortcuts. Your prep, your hard work and your lookout for opportunities will all come together in time or in extra time and many of us call it luck.

Come to think of it … Our life is extra time given by God/nature/universe. Everyone who is born has to die, so birth means the process of death has also started from that instant. It’s not morbid thoughts, just reality, so every minute that we don’t die is extra time :):) What do you do with it ? Score a goal or just kick the ball around ?

I can go on extending the metaphor, but the central theme is, treat life like the extra time you have in the game of life – all players have equal opportunity and similar challenges. How much preparation have you done, how much passion you bring to the game and how hard have you worked towards your goals will decide if you score or not. Can’t miss mentioning the fact that all of this is possible if you are healthy, so run a little, walk a little, play a little, hug your friends, fight with your opponents, get ruled out of some games, but play hard, play fair and score.

Use the extra time and always be eligible for it :):)

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  1. Insightful Bindu… truly!! fact of the matter is one has to have the courage to “change the game”


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