Someday ..

The full moon plays hide and seek
As the car weaves through traffic,
The tall buildings try and offer cover,
Where once the trees did ..
You can’t look up, unless
You stop … And stop you cannot !
The honey colored moon can wait
But that bill is due tonight
As the moon lights up a cloud
Dinner is getting ready
And the television is bringing news
You can’t look up, unless
You step out … And step out you cannot
From when the full moon deserved
A couple or more poems
As it danced from window to roof to window
To none now and not even a glance
The mundane chores
Blocking all the romance of life
So what if Armstrong walked on the moon
So what if it isn’t an old woman crouching,
The emotion a full moon evokes
The tug on your heart, as it flirts with the clouds
Still intact, if only, you look..
You are out, with the one you love,
But there is his friend calling,
And your friend calling,
The few grams of weight
And the party next week,
All the while ignoring .. The alluring moon
That is trying to make you see
It’s pearly shine !!
There is time,
There is space,
There is all one needs
To lose oneself,
But the chatter of the everyday
The parking woes
The deadlines to meet
And another full moon night … Wasted.
Neither the dark night
Nor the beautiful night sky
Neither the ethereal moon
Nor the gorgeous blue sky
Nature puts on a show every morning
And night
While we are glued to the next debate
On an inane show
Or mind numbing noise
Shuts away the romance..
Wish the moon could dance again
From a window to the roof
And we are letting the magic work
Into us …. Someday

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