Orphaned in ten days ..

They were introduced to us by the previous owner of our place in Coorg and they became the care takers. When mom and dad lived in the house there, they would come everyday, help around the house, help in plucking the coffee berries and pepper and help in drying them. Just seven years later, both Raja and Rathi have died within a span of ten days of each other.

It’s not easy to say rest in peace, because they leave behind a little girl, all alone. They both were uneducated but this little girl, Rashmi, was a quick learner and dad spent many days teaching her English. What happens to her now ? While we have asked friends to find out how she is and with whom is she staying, we will need to make sure, they send her to school.

I wonder what’s running through the little girl’s head right now …. She has lost both her parents within ten days, does she even understand the enormity of it all ? What scars will this leave ? I shudder to think of her plight :(. Whatever be her parents shortcomings, they had big dreams for Rashmi. They wanted her to study well and saw to it that she continued with her education at any cost. The last time I spoke to Rathi was in April… And suddenly there was complete silence.

Last week we heard that Rathi had passed away and before we could find out more, today we heard Raja is gone too. All the strife when you are alive sometimes feels futile as death comes knocking sooner than it should. This time it came twice and suddenly Rashmi is left alone…. There must be a grand design for her life and she must be an old soul for undertaking such tough lessons in one life. May life find her, and may Raja and Rathi be her guardian angels as she lives a full life for both of them.

RIP Raja and Rathi 🙁

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