The price a woman pays …

He was charm personified and really successful, she was young, fresh and beautiful.. Full of life and they did what a man and a woman do when they are in lust – have an affair. Today that man is about to be a grandfather and is all excited about welcoming his grandchild. Today that woman, … Read more The price a woman pays …


Irresponsible … :(

I watched the movie “Dhoom 3” on TV today. Nice slick production and many things to feel happy about, storyline is interesting and well, with the great Aamir Khan as the main protagonist, the acting was superb. Especially the scene towards the end where he morphs into a different character duping Abhishek Bachchan. The one … Read more Irresponsible … 🙁

Values alignment

Yesterday I was the guest speaker at one of our internal training programs and the discussion was on values. I find the topic fascinating and very meaningful. While preparing for the session, I was looking at two separate public incidents both involving disasters. One, the recent MH 17 crash due to a missile attack by … Read more Values alignment

A limitless life

I have always held the belief that men and women place the limits on themselves with limiting beliefs and accepting others vision for their life. This is a little more true for women than men, as society is more forgiving of “different” behavior from men, for example, Draupadi is difficult for the society to accept, … Read more A limitless life

A special Linkedin invite

I met her mother in school in the 7th standard and we were “best friends” from day one. I spent many Sundays going over to her place or she would come over to mine and the three years that we were classmates, we were inseparable. We stayed in touch for nearly seven years after 1983 … Read more A special Linkedin invite

Pizza, Maggi and a Pedometer :)

In March of this year, I suddenly decided we would not eat Pizza anymore. Everytime we ordered food, we realised it was pizza because it was easy, hygienic and came in 30 minutes. What was a once a month order slowly became twice a month and at work, it’s always pizza :(. No matter what … Read more Pizza, Maggi and a Pedometer 🙂

Extra Time victory !

Congratulations to Germany for having won the Football World Cup. I don’t watch football and the only interest I had in this world cup was the fact that it was hosted in Brazil and some games were played in Belo Horizonte, the city we had visited as part of our MBA course last year. The … Read more Extra Time victory !