Don’t worry.. Be Happy !

I was talking to a friend a couple of days back and realised that a lot of people believe that they cannot be happy, or should not be happy and that life is a burden you carry with pain … Then there are the religious texts that scare the hell out of you about what’s right and wrong, what’s good and bad and what will take you to paradise and what will consign you to hell. If you escape religious texts, then you have poets and movies that show pain as “the” thing.. Real love never results in marriage, remember Romeo-Juliet, Ek Duje ke liye and a string of movies that only showed how everyone will oppose your love and there will be pain, and pain is a friend. Even I kept saying for some time that my only regret in life is I couldn’t elope with Krishnan, everyone was thrilled with the fact that we chose to marry :):) scary influence.

Infact I remember going through three or four years of school listening to Mukesh’s sad songs and moping around !! Thank God my natural state of being happy took over and I really can’t listen to some of the songs that are too sad, they just don’t resonate. I still can’t fathom why really sad movies are made – movies are an escape from reality, atleast those three hours should be fun. 🙂 But actually reality is also not all pain, there are many things to be fixed in the society, but if only people learn to laugh a little, and enjoy life, the collective pain also will go down. No person who is happy can cause pain, all the terrorists and criminals are definitely sad and in pain somewhere deep inside besides being warped in many other ways. Imagine if anyone in a truly non-drug induced happy frame of mind can push a knife through another living being’s heart … Doesn’t seem to possible.

For the longest time the only “God” that I found interesting was Krishna, maybe because he was fun – he never followed any rules, lied, cheated and generally had fun, with just one rule which was all actions were for the other’s good, never for his personal gain. His message seems clearly that life is not serious but loads of fun and everything is play – and all we do is stress ourselves out and make life so serious. The other message that Krishna clearly had was no action is right or wrong, the context makes it so and anyway you get enough opportunity to change and do right. I remember just one “satsang” that I attended in Shillong and the person giving the discourse said “look at Vishnu, he is lying on a dangerous serpent, floating on an ocean with the world’s riches in the form of Lakhsmi floating upwards from his navel …. And he is relaxed. You all have a minuscule portion of his problems or riches and still can’t sleep peacefully for a night.” So true.

All the priests and movies and society seems to have convinced us that life is pain, the priests and movies have a financial vested interest, because if you are a happy person, both won’t get business… You don’t feel like going to the temple or need any form of escape. So don’t get conned – life is meant to be fun, play and your natural state is “happy”. Anyone who tries to make you sad, move them aside and just hang out with people who make you happy.

Don’t worry… Be happy. That’s paradise. Worry … And be unhappy. That’s hell. Choice is yours.

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