Daily Reflections

First day first message

ModiJi, as you start working today as our Prime Minister, here’s a gift. These are the words of your favorite leader, Swami Vivekananda.


Print it and maybe keep it in front of you because the nation is betting on you. We gave you a clear mandate so you can work without unnecessary compromises. This quote does not need any explanation except to say, just follow it …. Let your government have politics with principles, so that every Indian can walk with his head held high, so that everyone transacting with India knows there would be no “under the table” dealings, so we become a nation whose politicians are true “leaders”. Do politics with timeless principles.

Let your government create progress with compassion. Just create equality of opportunity, irrespective of whatever be the religion, caste, creed, color of the citizen. Put the balm of compassion on the many wounds … And the bandage of progress.

Let your government not let wealth reach alone, without work. Create wealth through work. Doles work as dope and the value of work is lost. No wealth without work !

Let your government learn with silence … By listening. Listen to what the citizens are asking for, listen to the master craftsman, the engineer, the doctor and the little child who will tell you what they want, and ideas of how to make this country the best ever ! Listen deeply and silently.

Let your government privatise religion – it is a private affair and does not belong in the public discourse. Just as we have the freedom of speech, free us from the fear of “public” religious bias.

Let your government govern with awareness …. Then as Osho says, you can’t be wrong. Anything done with awareness is good. Work is worship, and work with awareness is truly worship.

Have a great day and अच्छे दिन ले आईए 🙂


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