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I worked with Spectramind from 2001 to 2003… And the team I had there remained mostly unchanged for the duration I spent with the operations team. I had named the team “crazy” because we were crazy !

Then Peter came along and renamed the team to “Dellnuts” and the name stuck. Such special memories of this team – the trepidation with which Maya joined the team … Aasim’s quiet determination, Rohit suddenly starting to come on time courtesy the single comment I made while in Karol Bagh, Ashish not letting go of that one customer and the nearly 2 hour call, the lunches, dinners and the trip to Nahan where Peter stayed up all night to take pictures of the sunrise, Aditya’s dad’s birthday and Anshul using the wrong word at the wrong time :):)

Why all the reminiscing ? Krishnan and I were at India Habitat centre for two different workshops on Friday and decided to have lunch at Eatopia. It brought back a slew of memories. For a long time it was a favorite hangout of ours and for the Dellnuts team. The food was not as great as I remember it to be, but it was nice to just be in this place and remember some of the fun times. Perry, it was your birthday, so happy birthday and I did ping Peter to say I was remembering all you guys.

Eatopia was the place where I heard of Thai food for the first time when Charu tried a dish and Perry and Peter couldn’t stop teasing her for the way she looked when she ate the first morsel :):) This picture is from a different lunch … To celebrate a couple of birthdays and Aasim missed it for some reason. The rest of the gang is here.


This is nearly 12 years back and everyone here is now married and many have children and many are still connected – thanks guys for special memories and staying in touch right through. We should think of a reunion sometime when the “out of country” folks are here.

8 thoughts on “Dellnuts :)”

  1. Super team, fantastic leader and the best work environment thats what Dellnuts reminds me of.
    My first job and till date my most loved one thanks to all of u.

  2. Perry is right, it was the first job for most of us and we still do remember it the most….would love to go back to those days if there was a chance…thanks to the environment and able leadership of Bindu which was provided us to be “Nuts” and still perform….

    Bindu mam- lets plan this reunion party next time i am in India..

  3. Hahahaha.. Bindu I remember ur golden words which changed the way I used to understand the word punctuality :). My first call, which obviously Bindu audited. We all had loads of fun and learning with you. Thanks Bindu for setting up my foundation.

    Awsome team and thats where “I” learnt the meaning of the word team.. I look back and smile or rather go nuts. Let us all catch up soon..


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