“Neech” to “Niche”

The CON team has no tricks left in the bag to counter the NaMo wave so the family is getting down and dirty in deriding their political nemesis !! So the daughter calls him “neech”, the mother with her Italian accent calls the work “neech” and the twit I think had to be reminded to switch off “chota bheem” before he could share his feelings with the media, with his twitty smile.

It’s fascinating to watch NaMo, he will go down in history as the man who brought India her second independence … After ages, you have someone who is able to rouse patriotic fervour even from a stone, turns every adversity into his favor (refer the recent Varanasi drama), has no “relatives” or children to build a fortune for, has a track record of development under public glare, willing to shoulder responsibility and get publicly nailed if he is wrong unlike the “runners” who escape at the first sight of governance and accountability and genuinely loves the country….

Feel free to push me back, but I want to know, why would anyone risk their life and reputation, fight through a nest of vipers and have every minute of their life scrutinised, and still want to remain accountable especially if they have no son or daughter to carry the legacy forward ? No one is the Mahatma, his era is gone. That’s his profession ? Well, you have other great examples of the CON family who “sacrifice” for the country.. Sorry “sacrifice” the country, and keep their spoils outside the country and continue to ask us people to not support development, not support growth, not support the armed forces, not support the farmers … Hey they “sacrificed” 3000+ Sikhs, 5000+ Assamese and countless others for the nation and yes a mother and a father.

Get your blinkers off, I am no BJP supporter but am a NaMo fan. I didn’t start off as one, till I saw him speak in the 2013 India Today conclave and before that I had visited Ahmedabad on a personal visit after nearly 20 years and was very impressed with the changes. Get your blinkers off and rejoice in the fact that on May 16th we get our second independence – from the CON team, the “runners” and cynicism that was the special gift of the CON team in the last five years. There is positivity in the air, get out, breathe deeply and think about how you can help NaMo bring the good days ! Sitting there and just criticizing won’t help and wallowing in self pity won’t either. Leave it to the mother, daughter and twit to do that as they nurse their wounds.

A small message for NaMo – I think the daughter used the word “neech” with the English word “niche” in mind. Since she doesn’t know the spelling and meaning of “niche”. Also the American pronounciation of “niche” and “neech” sounds similar …. So what you do is “niche” not “neech”. Forgive her, immature and inexperienced in public speaking and politics, she will learn, if not she will remain “niche” to be brought out of the wood works and put on display in 2019 !!

Abki baar Modi sarkar … JAIHIND.

3 thoughts on ““Neech” to “Niche””

  1. While I admit congress has beenan abject a failure , I don’t think a divisive rable rouser like Modi is the answer. He may be a doer. But What we need is a man like Nehru , a visionary with great wisdom and charm to take this country to its full potential . I wish we can have 5 years of modi followed by someone who can hold the country together and inspire all of us not only few sections of our society . But Modi will be like Indira Gandhi , PM for life…. , feasting on divisive politics .

  2. @Bobby : I would like to hear you justify the wisdom & vision that you seem to have found in Nehru.

  3. Modi will not go down in history do not use that expression and instead say he is constantly rising up to create history. I can only remember this, ” History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.”-Winston Churchill


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