A day without fans …

Imagine a day that you need to spend in the summer of Delhi without fans… hot and terrible. And you don’t have the option of cooling yourself with an airconditioner either. What would you do ?Struggle and be in pain, right?

Then why do we think that a day in the office without fans is tolerable? Sounds crazy ? But we deprive so many people in the office everyday of fans. We crib and complain easily, but don’t appreciate as easily !

Just as the summers are unbearable without fans and filmstars don’t have a life without their fans, every human being needs fans at work. Look at the smile that lights up a colleague when you genuinely compliment them, the happiness when you remember an important day, the warm glow when you just “notice” that they exist. But everyday, we go about spending time cooped up in airconditioned meeting rooms discussing ways to do R&R – Reward and Recognition :):).

Genuine appreciation is the best recognition. Write a few words and handover a simple “thank you” card, remember the colleague who offered help, remember the manager who gave you good feedback, be genuinely interested in another person and see how R&R happens by itself ! Why all this, care to remember their names – to every living person their name is the sweetest sound in the world.

Just remember, each person has a certain speed at which he/she likes the fan to whirl … get to know that speed and twirl at that speed when you appreciate. Everyone wants recognition but the form in which that recognition is needed is different. One may want you to acknowledge their punctuality, the other may want you to acknowledge their child’s winning of a competition, the other may want you to remember the day they joined the organization and another may love surprises – care to find out.

Recognition is receiver centric, just like communication that has to be audience centric. Become fans and don’t let a day go by when you haven’t said “well done”, “thank you” or some form of fan work 🙂

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