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I was rummaging through my archives at work today looking for an email and I stumbled upon many memories and some amazing insights and notes. Here’s one of the them that I had written to Anupam and the customer service team, way back in May, 2004. It’s just a brilliant short poem that captures the essence of excellence – do your best in whatever you do.

This short poem is by the late Douglas Malloch:

“If you can’t be a pine on the top of the hill,
Be a scrub in the valley – but be
The best little scrub by the side of the hill;
Be a bush, if you can’t be a tree.

If you can’t be a bush, be a bit of the grass,
And some highway happier make;
If you can’t be a muskie, then just be a bass-
But the liveliest bass in the lake!

We can’t all be captains, we’ve got to be crew,
There’s something for all of us here.
There’s big work to do and there’s lesser to do
And the task we must do is the near.

If you can’t be a highway, then just be a trail,
If you can’t be the sun, be a star;
It isn’t by size that you win or you fail –

So just stop cribbing about not getting that promotion or that increment or that new role. Just do the best you can and excel in the role you have. Everything you deserve will come your way and if it doesn’t, continue doing your best and be the best of whatever you are :):)

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  1. Amazing !

    Thanks , Bindu

    Yet another affirmation that we must always find ways to give our best, no matter what. Reminds me of a billboard that I saw today and it read ” stumbling blocks are just stepping stones “


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