To Life – 16/12/1989

“To Life”

In living,
The daily routine,
Amidst the tears,
The smiles
The victory and defeat,
We forget … Life !
Life isn’t existing,
Life is living,
Life is conviction,
And life is joy !!
…….It’s an experience,
Given by the unseen Nature,
Made of emotions,
Feelings, love & hatred !
The shackles of civilization,
Have so bound man,
That his being alive,
Is lost to him !
…. All that is left,
Is the grime of lust,
Greed and disinterest.

How much I long,
To see a lively face,
To see a spirited smile,
To see …. Life !
I see sustenance
Sustained in physical forms,
That move,
That eat,
That grow,
But rarely I find,
The will to strive,
The promise to achieve,
The cheer to victory
I search …. Life !
I have, but one dear conviction,
That each form that breathes,
Each heart that beats,
Isn’t alive,
It’s the thought,
It’s the will,
It’s the creativity,
That is ….. Life !

———————- ———————- ———————- ———————-

Notes : This poem was written by me on Dec 16th 1989, when I was 20 years old, working in NIIT Vizag and three months before meeting Krishnan :). This is also a full year and half before Osho happened to us … It’s no wonder that I fell in love with Osho :).

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