The many thanks … Behind the MBA certificate

In Dec 2011 I applied for the ISB PGPMAX program … The same one that I graduated from on April 6th. I had to submit my original degree certificate if I got the admission. I was wondering how to get that … … And help came in the form of Nisha who took the task on herself and God knows how she managed to connect with Ram, in Hyderabad and how he managed to get the certificate finally !! Just in time for me to show the original as soon as I got my admission. So, the first “thank you” goes to Nisha and Rama Mohan Giri.

Then came the prep sessions…. The daunting Harvard online lessons. Again Nisha came to the rescue and found Shraddesh who made the financial accounting classes simpler for us. I got help from Narinder and Rajesh on the Maths and finance portions … So the second “thank you” goes to Nisha again, Shraddesh, Narinder and Rajesh.

Right through the classes so many of my classmates helped with their expertise, their knowledge, their time … A special third “thank you” to all my classmates. …I can’t thank the professors enough, but a special “thank you” to Prof Martins, Prof Kale and Prof Kamma – for me they just belong to the hall of fame and left the deepest impression on me.

The fourth “thank you” is to my colleagues at work who took on a little more load on themselves so I could devote a little more time to my studies… Can’t imagine how I could have done any of it without their support at work !!

The two people who get thanked now have no number, for one of them is responsible for my birth and the other for my very life !! I can’t really thank mom and Krishnan enough …. Krishnan is the very reason why I even attempted the program. He encouraged me, stood behind me right through, and sat besides me as I did the pre-reads or assignments … And Amma ensured that I didn’t have to think about food or the kitchen at all. Without Krishnan and Amma – there would have been no certificate on April 6th, 2014. 🙂

Am sure every certificate has a similar list of “thank you” to many … They must find a way to print our thanks for the many who help silently, behind the scenes. Till then, a heartfelt thanks to all the people who helped me through the PGPMAX program !!!

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