The best Bhelpuri

Dear Appa,

Guess what Amma did yesterday ? Went out for a walk late in the evening and while coming back a little boy on a cycle came out from between two cars and hit her. She fell down and has scratches all over … And a boxer’s shiner on her left eye. No she isn’t hurt much, but you know how difficult she can be and to keep her from scratching the wound is so difficult. Yeah, she got the tetanus injection too, and before she could complete her protest 🙂 I was remembering the yearly tetanus injections while growing up.

Today I worked from home… Because Amma with the shiner is not easy to manage. The swelling has reduced considerably and she will be fine in a couple of days. So her treat today is Bhel Puri. I got some raw mango as well and it turned out real nice. Didn’t make it as spicy as I normally do, but just enough.

I was remembering some of the best Bhelpuri that we have eaten … Pune and Mumbai. Mumbai, just outside the church gate station, awesome Bhel. In Pune, Kesho took us to a place late at night and it was the spiciest Bhel, just don’t think the place has a name. Then in 2010 January, Geetu and Dinky took us to Kalyan Bhel in Pune and I think we ate there almost everyday. Thanks to Varun, we found the best Bhel in Delhi at the far end of Kamla Nagar market…. Just that it is far off from Gurgaon to go frequently.

But Appa, I was remembering another Bhelpuri today.. The one you made on Aug 3rd 2008 evening. I ate that on the 4th, the day you had the haemorrhage and were in the Apollo hospital ICU. Somehow, I just realised that it was the last thing made by you, that I ate. It tasted good even a day later !! 🙂 it’s funny how some memories just return at some time.

I made another of your favorites today “yennai katrikai” .. Ofcourse Amma tried to talk me out of it, but I didn’t relent. She escaped making it everytime you asked for it :):). She ate it even though it turned out really spicy. Thanks Appa, for passing on your love for tasting and making different things … Now you better get Vedavalli to rest some and not irritate her wounds anymore. Btw, interestingly Cheenu mama and Raman mama also got hurt yesterday and today, nothing major, but still the gang of sister and brothers are keeping each other company as they nurse their wounds in three different locations ! So please help them also recover quickly.

That’s it dad, for now. Going now to take the rough handkerchief from Amma before she uses it on her wound.

Lots of love,

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  1. That’s such a sweet write-up, Bindu. They say gates of memories never closes and am a great believer in that saying.

    Btw, you have taste bhel puri in this place called ‘ Karnataka Bhel House’ in Chamarajpet, Basavanagudi, South Bangalore. Divine!!

    Bala PV.


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