A decade of Excel … It’s renamed to GT Excel

I didn’t recognize him when he came to join the firm …. I had hired him and then I had rejected another candidate who looked like him. When he said hello to me at the 5th floor reception, I said hi and went and asked the hiring team, “why did we hire the person I had rejected ?”… Shaily patiently told me it wasn’t the rejected candidate but Geojo who had been approved by me and was joining that day :):):)

Geojo, hope I have made up for that first day’s “not-so-nice” experience for you by being nice to you atleast for a couple of days after that !! Ok, am not a mean manager, but I need to tell you why I could be nice to Geojo only for a couple of days in these ten years…. It didn’t matter which team you went to, when your manager couldn’t find you, I have been called. When anyone or I made the mistake of working on Excel in front of you, I had to deal with their hurt feelings. When their systems crashed because of the file you had sent, again, hurt feelings had to be managed 🙂

I particularly enjoyed our Scrabble sessions in the cafeteria, the particular AMM in Manesar where thanks to Dhruv I have the pictures to blackmail you, Madhavi’s special attention to the way your name got pronounced, your black car and Raji’s comment, your disconnecting the phone just before every appraisal or doing something which made me give you “gyan”, the countless town halls where Sri and you managed the transport and the entry/exit of people… To the most recent training where you entered just in time. Great memories and yes, your “Bindu ke sataye huye log” lunches !! It has been a while and we need to get one of those going soon. The old gang also needs to do the Murthal trip because just you, Sri and I managed to do it in 2012.

The memories are plenty, many incidents and many many challenges that we have seen …. As you celebrate ten years with Aon Hewitt, I want to tell you, that I will take an escalation for you anyday, that’s a free offer 🙂 because you return the favor manifold. From the day you walked into the firm, you have been behind the scene, helping so many different groups, and all strange thankless requests usually landed in your plate. I haven’t seen you irritate anyone without your smile remaining intact, and you have irritated enough people :). I won’t share the name that Nitin gave you, though am so tempted to do that !!

Happy tenth anniversary Geojo, there is much to do and lots more to learn, and many more people to bug and ofcourse much to teach me in Excel as you excel along the way. Now a quiz for you –

Remember this picture ? Only clue, it’s not from the Manesar trip and it is a lunch.


One more clue, you had said something to Ashutosh to bug him just before this pic was taken … Just proving my point above. :):)

2 thoughts on “A decade of Excel … It’s renamed to GT Excel”

  1. Thanks for not sharing the name, but the person who coined the name has put it on the facebook. I am sure the few who didnt know would have got to know by now. On my comment, in response to Bindu’s post on facebook… I felt so technologically challenged, when I logged in to facebook, that too after SMS reminder from Bindu. May be, nothing gets to the frequently used program list other than Excel. But now I have another tough competetor… Powerpoint.

    A decade… every year, month, day and moment… I have enjoyed working in the able leadership like yours and other managers that I have had, and the peers and colleagues. I salute everyone who has given me the opportunity to do my best and contribute… and the Organization that brought all of the good talent together… I mean including me in the list 🙂

    On the pic… I tend to ignore the rumors 🙂

    And, on scrabble, I would leave to their best judgement on the point that who used to be the winner. Bindu you seems to have a lot of readership, using this forum… membership open to “Bindu ke sataye hue logon” ka sammelan. (Sammelan means gathering, for those not very strong in hindi.) Intend to make it Maha-Sammelan.

    Thanks Bindu for being such an inspiration and a leader to follow.

    • Geojo, I won at Scrabble fair and square. :):) The person who coined the name has not put it on FB. You are really FB challenged, hahahahaha. Congratulations once again and let me write something for the girl children, otherwise they will boycott me.


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