One more reason to stick around ..

The last two days were very special for me .. While it was all official and goals, achievements and plans for 2014 were discussed, on the sidelines it was catching up with friends, co-workers whom you have known for a long time. Reminiscing old times, discovering new things they have learnt and just bonding. The whole social connect was awesome and that just adds to the whole sense of engagement with an organization.

Personally for me, just being able to witness some of my favorite colleagues go up on stage and deliver flawless, awesome presentations was worth spending the decade with the same firm. Geojo, Rohit Sharma, Rohit Malik, Shakun, Shalini, Rajesh Swami – each one of you spoke so well, I almost felt like coming up to the podium and giving you a standing ovation !! And yes I did think back to the days when Shalini hesitated to address a townhall gathering … And today, your sheer confidence as you stood in front of the extended leadership team to talk about all that you have done and intend to do, just priceless. Rajesh, your witty comments and the brilliant quiz were just awesome – that you are a wily, really smart finance whizkid was something I knew, but Jasjit discovered yesterday :). Shakun – what a flawless speech, not one word out of place and to remind us of two other great speakers, Kashiana and Abhishek, very nice ! Raghavan and his incisive observations … And then ofcourse his singing. Rohit Sharma …. What can I say ? Except that your conviction is infectious and you need to find something else that is uncomfortable and conquer that. Rohit Malik – you were in your element and “you” just shone through.

Well, Kabir’s voice and his video stole the show … Sunil and Man kept our KV flag flying high and Neha managed to ask all the questions that Sanjay usually does. :):). We also missed a photo-Opp as Raghavan slogged away fixing Shakun’s excel workings while she sat next to him eating her dinner !

Reminding Gautam about the Kingdom of dreams incident, Geojo of the photographs from yet another townhall, listening to so many great singers, bulldozing Syed, getting confused along with Pramod, Manoj saying yes one more time to Pramod’s demands… And yes Sanjay, you did manage to bug me, so the next time you “say” anything more about our product, you “pay” more as Gurinder said.

The privilege of being able to clap and cheer your favorite people as they do amazing things – one more reason to stick around for a decade plus !!

P.s – Not learning to be with Shalini on a Friday and suffering the consequences. Some things just don’t change !

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