Celebration and an earring lost !

Dear Appa,

Happy birthday !! We celebrated your birthday today by going to my favorite Haldirams and eating my favorite Raj Kachori, Krishnan ate his favorite Chole Bhature and Amma ate her favorite poori :):)

We also got enough back for the next meal and infact for tomorrow as well. Then in the evening I went to meet with Subbu who is here for a couple of days from Pune and the physiotherapy for my knee. Yes the right knee is troubling me, but the doc says it’s nothing major and I should be fine in a week or so. Your favorite city Bangalore did it to me Nanagaru !

We then went and met another friend and came back home around 8. After eating a light dinner I went to change into a sweater that I can sleep in when I realised that I don’t have the right earring … And for a change I hadn’t got any of my costume jewellery and wore earrings that we had bought from Neeraj long back. Not very expensive but they have a screw at the back so they don’t come off easily. Surprisingly one is lost now and I don’t know when or how or where it’s lost.

Amma shared an interesting story about Padmasini Periyamma’s diamond earring. Periyamma lost her first child and was still at the Tirunelveli house and she lost one of her earrings just like me. Thatha (Grandpa) told her not to worry and that he will get her another one before she went back to her in-laws place. Nearly a month later, the jeweller who had made most of the jewellery for all the women and girls at home called Thatha to his store. He was pleasantly surprised to see the lost earring ! A poor man had found the earring on the road and tried to exchange it for some money and interestingly reached the same jeweller who had made it for Periyamma (called papa). The jeweller was nice enough to show it to Thatha and check if any of the girls had lost an earring, and the happy ending to the story is Thatha didn’t have to buy another set of earrings and Periyamma got over her sadness on losing her child.

The happy ending for my lost earring is Krishnan is buying me another pair tomorrow 🙂

So an interesting birthday Appa ! Happy birthday again and maybe I should stick to my costume jewellery.

Lots of love and thanks for ensuring I buy a new pair of earrings.


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