Missing those seedless grapes

Dad was posted in Dehu Road from 1968 to 1980 … So my first eleven years were spent there. I went back with Krishnan in 2007 to see my first school, Garrison Convent and then to the Kendriya Vidyalaya. What special days they were … Eating Nathu’s Bajri roti and bartering mom’s Idlis for that. Sitting on that tree which still stands there and then Ranga buying me the white dress when I became a rabbit in a school play in class 1.

Appa losing the stepney seat and getting a “jugnu” poster in return :). Me being handed out of the train compartment window to my dad, because the train would stop at Dehu Road for just a couple of minutes and I couldn’t get off in time. Then Daniel Pandey giving us fresh vegetables and my first matted lock idol. I had a special chair to sit in his shop till my mother picked out the vegetables and was scared of looking at him. Then Bhatia store and the clothes we bought from him. The monthly trip to the canteen and the smell of soap .. Crying for the “Halo” shampoo and being denied still. The petrol pump and dad’s routine of weekly servicing his scooter by himself.

Today Amma got grapes from the market. Black and green grapes. She then did the special washing to take off the pesticides. That’s when we started talking about the seedless grapes that Pophale uncle would get from Pune as soon as the season started and I would just keep eating those. I would give up food and just eat those tiny, juicy, sweet grapes !! Today, the grapes are huge in size but neither do they taste as sweet, nor can we eat them as we did then after just rinsing them. Progress in this area has just spoilt the taste. Have to find some organic grapes to see if that taste is still there, but today, missing them. And dad’s admonishments to not eat them all in one go… Didn’t listen then, won’t listen today 🙂

Infact we can’t eat anything today without special rinsing courtesy the heavy use of pesticides… Somehow, things don’t taste the same anymore. What else are we losing as we maraud and plunder Earth mindlessly ?

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