On the way to Amritsar …

If there is any doubt if India one day would be clean and train travel would be hassle free and enjoyable, please take the Swarn Shatabdi from New Delhi to Amritsar. The coach is spotless, the seats well appointed and everything works.

Sitting right now in the Swarn Shatabdi on our way to Amritsar to ring in 2014 at the Harminder Sahib Gurudwara, or the Golden Temple as it is more widely known. This will be the third New Year we are ringing in from there and probably the 7th or 8th time we are visiting. I was nearly brought up in a Sardar household and went more often to the Gurudwara than a temple, so I feel completely at home in one. Read about the Harminder Sahib here.

The first time we visited was with Rajinder for the New Year eve of 1998. We had very little money and stayed at the hostel behind the Gurudwara. I fell in love with the place and ofcourse the “kada prasad”. We had just moved to Delhi and Harminder Sahib and Rajinder’s luck put us on our way to financial stability. We came back again in 1999 just to visit, with Hema and Rajinder. Again stayed at the hostel. Then we came back in 2002 for the New Year eve again and sat in the parikrama… Just beautiful and so peaceful.

Peter Bharadwaj, miss you today because the last time we took the Shatabdi to Amritsar was with you and what a nice trip that was ! We need to do another one now, with both Veda senior and junior 🙂 infact that trip was when we went to the Wagah border .. Ok Rajesh, Attari border. The last trip before this one was in 2010 with Varada Mama and Mami and Kashiana’s friend ensured we had the best seats at the Attari border show ! I missed eating the Jalebi that time, need to make good on that.

Am sure 2014 will be an awesome year as we are starting it right … 🙂

p.s Kellogg’s corn flakes for breakfast, no less !


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