LGBT – Love, Goodness, Beauty Transformed

The Supreme Court has kept aside the HC order and has restored IPC 377, making homosexuality a criminal offence. The LGBT community is hugely disappointed and terribly upset. The politicians and (un)religious (un)learned speakers for major religions are now stuck with this problem to solve. They don’t have the balls or breasts to do it – neither guts nor love.

Indian mythology and history is replete with stories of man-man love or woman-woman love or transgenders or sex change operations – there is no stigma attached to any of this. And as Osho says, most of our scriptures and mythology are transferred through generations through word-of-mouth narratives, not written down. So if they felt something was wrong, they would have embellished the stories and made them perfect, like our modern day make-up hides all flaws. Read about LGBT themes in Hindu mythology.

Whether it is Arjuna disguised as a woman in the last year of exile, or Krishna becoming Mohini to marry Arjuna’s son or the Ardhanarishwar sculptures of Shiva and Parvati, or the Hijra blessing a newborn baby – all point to acceptance of a different sexual preference or orientation. Is a transgender less human than a male or a female ? Is a Lesbian less loving or a Gay less protective ? In an ideal world there should be education about the LGBTs in schools and colleges so that they are no longer “queer” – I don’t like the word. What is not queer about you and me and any man or woman ? To a dog or a bird all human beings are queer !!

The world has enough discrimination, doesn’t need one more category to discriminate. Sexual preference is one’s choice, sometimes genetic, sometimes emotional, sometimes just like that – can we stop discriminating on the basis of a person’s sexual preference and orientation ? It’s strange to think that we have PETA for advocating animal rights, human rights commission to sometimes question Man’s excesses…. But we treat some of our own differently because of who they choose to be with ? We already want to insist on everyone following one religion, which won’t happen, we tried getting everyone to be socially equal through communism and that has failed, we tried to make the world monochrome and white preferably, but Madiba threw mud at that and created the rainbow nation, and now we want to insist we will dictate the world to be heterosexual – when we have been wrong so often in the past, what makes us believe we will be right this time ?

The same blood runs in an LGBT that runs in us, the same intelligence throbs in their head as ours, they have opinions, ideas and thoughts just like us, they would like to be loved, liked and cuddled just like us, they want friends and well wishers just like us, just our hearts are different, we don’t want to accept them, they accept us with all our maliciousness !! Expand and include all creation in your love, if God is the creator, an L or G or B or T is also created by the same God … And who are you to question ? If there is no God, then the very fact they took birth through a human being, they should have all the rights accorded to a human being.

In the corporate world we have a pet word “diversity” – one of the least understood and mostly misunderstood concepts, another one that leaders like to speak about with a faraway look in their eyes 🙂 Diversity is not just about having a healthy ratio of men Vs women, it’s about having a truly diverse workforce – diverse in religion, sexual preference and orientation, color, creed, nationality, thoughts and beliefs. Having a diverse workforce is a competitive advantage, not just a textbook or tick mark exercise any more. There is no place for the “monochrome” professional – we need all the colors to mingle and mix.

So I want to rename LGBT to Love, Goodness and Beauty Transformed – because that’s just what these fellow travellers on the Ark/Rath/Palanquin/Plane/Train/board room are !

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