New foods, fads – Bagel and cream cheese

I ate a bagel with cream cheese today from Au Bon Pain and I was remembering the first time I tasted a bagel with cream cheese and fell in love with both …

I think it happened in 2007 during one of my visits to Lincolnshire, I was attending an early morning meeting with Greg Vosberg and Rama and my friend Greg walked in with a large bag full of bagels and “Philadelphia” cream cheese from Panera Bread. I tasted one and then ate two more … And since then I make it a point to eat bagels from Panera Bread everytime am in Lincolnshire. I have never eaten bagels in India till “Bagel Cafe” opened shop in Gurgaon and Lindsay and Shalini told me about how good the bagels were. Somehow the bagels in India don’t taste right. They are either too hard or too soft.

Bagel cafe is on the staple “delivery” options anytime we have client visits or team lunches or our US colleagues visiting.

Funny how these things grow on you and how the same food is eaten as breakfast in the US and can be a snack or lunch in India. Pizzas are the other thing that for many of us (35+ generation) are a snack item, but for Americans and Italians it’s a meal. Doughnuts and coffee as breakfast may seem odd to us Indians .. Infact I remember a meeting where we brought in doughnuts as the dessert !

A food trend that we need to quickly squash is getting soya and Tofu to taste like non-vegetarian dishes for the strict vegetarians… Soya is a recent food and with many dangerous side effects. Please read The Whole Soy Story.

New food fads are interesting … But nothing beats natural food eaten in their natural form 🙂 eat all the new foods for fun, once in a while, but stick to your natural diet which is specific to your region. All vegetables and pulses and grains don’t grow everywhere naturally … There must be a reason for it. Fruits and vegetables taste best “in season” not “off season”.

I did enjoy the bagel and cream cheese and my comfort food is Maggi noodles, but I indulge sparingly. Ok Nisha and Bala, I eat more Maggi noodles than I should. 🙂

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