Thank you 2013 … Welcome 2014

New Year resolutions are no fun, because they are largely symbolic and so temporary, like the fashion of the day. Change also happens once there is enough impetus and the right environment, and somehow New Year eve is not a great time for either. So I like to think of learnings from each year that … Read more Thank you 2013 … Welcome 2014


On the way to Amritsar …

If there is any doubt if India one day would be clean and train travel would be hassle free and enjoyable, please take the Swarn Shatabdi from New Delhi to Amritsar. The coach is spotless, the seats well appointed and everything works. Sitting right now in the Swarn Shatabdi on our way to Amritsar to … Read more On the way to Amritsar …

AAP ko badhaiyaan !! Lessons from this…

When the Anna movement started against corruption and trying to force the Jan Lokpal bill to be passed the mood in the country was one of anger and frustration. For the first time, we could see the young, the old and the folks in the middle all rise up as one voice. Arvind Kejriwal was … Read more AAP ko badhaiyaan !! Lessons from this…

Phew !! Finally it arrived

My debit card was to be renewed. When I got the first message that the card had been dispatched, I told Krishnan and mom to expect it soon at home, since I had updated the Bangalore address, wrong assumption. The bank account aligned to the card still had my Pizza Corner address as the office … Read more Phew !! Finally it arrived

Santa and Vinayaka

Both have round bellies, are colorful, bring gifts, children love them, their arrival brings joy and their characters have messages to give !! Santa and Vinayaka (Ganesha). Santa is supposedly Saint Nicholas who was called Sinter Klass by the Dutch and the modern day Santa Claus was probably born around 1820, when stores in the … Read more Santa and Vinayaka

Pools of competency, incompetency

As the appraisal season is on us, I was wondering about the bell curve, the high potentials and this whole angst ridden process. Ideally every team should have people with different competencies, abilities and attitudes. Overlay this with two other concepts – you hire people like yourselves and birds of a feather flock together. What … Read more Pools of competency, incompetency

Constant chatter… No quietude

A friend of mine remarked that am “always on” when he saw me with my two phones and constant companion, the iPad. I was wondering at that time if he was right and am I really “always on” ? I have two phones because I have to use the Airtel connection for all my office … Read more Constant chatter… No quietude

Boss Man or Yes Man or On My own

There are all kinds of people working in organisations. Basis my own experience, I have attempted to categorise people working in organisations into one of the above categories. While I do agree that the work culture and environment makes one to fall into one of the above categories, I am also aware of people who … Read more Boss Man or Yes Man or On My own

A very interesting interview…must read..

Just now I read a very interesting interview that was published in knowledge.Wharton. The interview was of the former CEO of Revlon Cosmetics, Mr. Alan Ennis. Mr Ennis has a background in Finance, and was leading Revlon, a company whose products have been targeting women since 1932,when it was founded. A strange combination where a … Read more A very interesting interview…must read..

Having the right boss makes a huge difference…

Right through my career of more than thirty years, I have had the good fortune of having the right boss at the right time. Of course there have been few exceptions but I am not going to share about them here. My very first boss, at Cipla, Mr Narayanan, was an exceptional leader. Exceptional because … Read more Having the right boss makes a huge difference…