Lunch with school friends

The Bangalore gang of 2013 and 2014 PGPMAX batches met today for lunch…

The pre-reads, assignments, professors, Dean’s list, Bean’s list and mini regression to being students again :). It has been four weeks since our classes are done and everyday I have withdrawal symptoms – even now if I watch a movie, am thinking I should be reading the pre-read or doing some assignment. It was so much fun listening to the poets and rocket scientists comment in Prof Mansingkha’s class, happy to know that the assignments are bothering this batch too. We did invite our 2011 and 2012 friends, but they could not make it.

I have disowned Robin because he told us that one of their classmates got 100/100 in DMUU. 2014 Siva is very different from our 2013 Siva .. Yes I told everyone about how you pushed me to the edge of the classroom Siva :). 2014 also has a Arun who is very studious, no surprises there and the 2014 Prabhu seems cool “and all” !! Arup got stuck in the seat between Shikha and Mano and he had the chance to kick me, but managed not to 🙂

Venky had forgotten about the lunch, but reached faster than it took him to come across the road for our dinner at Forum mall. And he is so inspired now that he has created a Bangalore whatsapp group. Mano made a star entry – with a Movember beard. Many people in the 2014 batch have already booked their Brazil tickets – and got really a steal on the tickets. Well done.

In the next term our 2014 batch friends will learn from our hall of fame Prof Kamma, so 2014 batch, you are in safe hands and get ready for an awesome learning experience.

3 thoughts on “Lunch with school friends”

  1. It was a lovely afternoon ! All thanks to Bindu’s perseverance ( gentle persuasion is a better phrase? ) Lets increase the numbers and hope 2012 batch can also make it next time…signing off as I am still struggling with my Macro report … 🙁

  2. Wonderful afternoon, thanks to everyone for making it happen.

    As for dis-owning me – this is the classic case of shooting the messenger 🙂 Remember, i am not guilty of a 100.

  3. Thanks for creating a forum to get folks together, be engaged and allowing a way to stay connected….Lets make this a recurring event….probably meet in a resort or place outside the city? what say?


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