Split second drama…

All the drama,
All the laughter and tears
All the hatred and love
Between two breaths..
The cycle of life and death
Between the time you breathe in
And are able to breathe out ….
Then again breathe in…
If anywhere along the way,
The cycle breaks
All the hatred would be unfinished
The love would be unsaid
The curtains would drop and
The spectators would leave,
With a laugh
Or tears… With joy
Or a silent thank you
With learning or a dismissive wave
Nothing goes a waste though
And another drama unfolds
Hold your breath
Or be unable to breathe in
And nothing else matters ….
Everything contained in that split second
When the breath whooshes out
And the split second
When it fills you up
We relive every second ….
Only blind, deaf and unaware
That one split second
Changes everything, the cloak, the body, the actor !

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