Modern mom

Dear Appa,

Do you recognize this lady ?


Yes it is Amma, who is reading “Shakti Vikatan” on Krishnan’s iPad. Not just this, Krishnan has taught her how to send SMSes and everyday now she sends me a couple of text messages. She has figured out her own improvisation for words that she doesn’t know the spelling for in English, she says it in Hindi and writes the Hindi words in English !!! I can see the amazement and pride in your face – you never got to see the iPad and Vedavalli is reading a magazine on it. Soon we will teach her Skype and email too. So Amma has leapt across a couple of generations to be in line with the current generation :):)

No don’t worry, she is exactly the same on some things still – she opens the shelf doors and leaves it open, sometimes avoids getting hurt, but sometimes gets hurt, doesn’t notice people till they stand in front of her :):) and continues to love her “Idhayam nallennai”. We were in Ammanoor and remembering Cheenu Chitappa’s comment that all your money will be spent just buying the sesame oil for her 🙂

The biggest change is that she goes out on her own, even crosses roads that have lots of traffic and is generally back to being upbeat. We fight everyday, I don’t think that can change, she now fights with Krishnan and that’s new. She doesn’t cry when Krishnan teases her but gives it back as well sometimes and the best is, she is now trying to give me advise on how to be stress free – it’s ok, I will deal with it. Btw she makes rotis the way you liked them, finally… Not the three rotis rolled into one like before. So am eating them and enjoying on your behalf as well.

Appa, please help my friend who is in the ICU to fight back.

Bye for now.


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