Elite school # elite life

There is much anxiety over which school your children get admission to, what grades they get, what percentages, which college and then there is stress over how much you need to pay as fees. I want to share two people’s educational background and how they have done in life to support my view that success … Read more Elite school # elite life


Super delayed flight 9E 131

People behave strangely when flights get delayed, me included. The Indigo 8.20pm flight from Delhi to Bangalore was delayed to 9 pm and then to 9.20 pm and then finally took off at 10.20 pm !! The biggest learning is not to take the last flight of any airline. The first flight of Indigo at … Read more Super delayed flight 9E 131

Why Cipla is always ‘special’ for me…

The year 1986 is a very important year in my life. For almost three years preceding the year 1986, despite going through several diagnostic tests and tools, Doctors could not establish the cause of my problem – occasional but intense abdominal pain. The pain could be relieved only with medication and rest for a day … Read more Why Cipla is always ‘special’ for me…

Lunch with school friends

The Bangalore gang of 2013 and 2014 PGPMAX batches met today for lunch… The pre-reads, assignments, professors, Dean’s list, Bean’s list and mini regression to being students again :). It has been four weeks since our classes are done and everyday I have withdrawal symptoms – even now if I watch a movie, am thinking … Read more Lunch with school friends

Live Limitless

I want to thank Marc Zuckerberg for Facebook …. It’s because if him that am able to write this post today. I was checking out Facebook and came across this video that Arun had posted and I knew I had got my example for someone who lived life without limits. She started to sing at … Read more Live Limitless

Who are you? What are you here?

I joined Cipla as a Medical Representative on the 15th of September 1980 after a series of interviews. After sometime, I received a communication through a post card, asking me to present myself for a Central Training Program in Bombay. The Program’s intent was to provide me with knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology and … Read more Who are you? What are you here?