Overwhelmed …

So I waited eagerly for an SMS or an email from my ex-team and current team on Monday but nothing came … Shalini’s note came but not the larger gang. Then finally at 4 pm I decided that everyone had forgotten, and reminded Rohit, because I knew he would feel terrible if he found out a couple of days later. Then ofcourse the notes came, fast and furious, Karun’s email, Ruchi’s email and the surprise call today, and I felt happy and embarrassed at the same time. I told Shalini and Rohit that I still have some growing up to do, because momentarily I felt bad that everyone had forgotten my tenth anniversary with the firm :):)

It also made me wonder, how important these small gestures are. Remembering a birthday, remembering an anniversary, the little surprise with flowers, remembering who likes what ice cream, sweet, or chocolate, a one line heartfelt message to say “well done” – all go a long way in engaging a colleague than all the money you pay. Everyone wants to feel relevant and loved .. At all levels.

A dear friend and a genuine people’s leader told us once that “team members can smell your intentions, so say and do what you genuinely feel, otherwise they will sniff out the difference and won’t trust you.” True wisdom. Be genuine and take interest in your team members’ lives, your peers’ lives, your boss’ life :):):), after all you spend more time with them than even your family many times. And remember they are also the people who help you succeed, you succeed if they succeed, you fail if they fail.

Now am overwhelmed with all the good wishes and the many phone calls and I have promised Sneha that I will write a series on the tenth anniversary, because there is so much to remember and so many people to thank.

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  1. Yes, Bindu Little things matter more than those big things. What’s opened my eyes is the fact that a lot of times, we think that such things may or may not matter for leaders ar the top. That, isn’t the case. Thanks again 🙂


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