The 23rd

Never believe if your man says that men forget birthdays and anniversaries and all those adverts showing how he buys larger diamonds because he forgets his anniversary are all wrong… Krishnan has never forgotten any special day, and never missed a special occasion.

The day started as beautifully as every day … Just that Krishnan pulled a fast one on me by hiding the beautiful cards in my suitcase without my noticing them :):) The charm of a greeting card is not diminished even a little bit inspite of all the instant connect that tech offers. So our special day started specially and as always Krishnan made it so.

We went out to the sector 16 market in Chandigarh to shop a bit and have lunch with Rajinder. The sector 16 market looked deserted … The new malls have taken the crowds away. Rajinder came in by 1230 and we went to Sindhi Sweets to have our lunch and am still able to taste the Chole Bhature and the Missi roti … Rajinder is very special in our lives because he was the first person we met when we came to Delhi on Aug 17, 1997 and he has been so lucky that we were able to move so far ahead in our lives and he is my driving guru too !!

After lunch we sat in one of the benches in sector 16 to just chat, just like old times… Our lives had taken different trajectories but the warmth was just the same. We then took off to see the large new Elante Mall. It’s quite nice and we just tried our luck at PVR to see if there was a movie we could catch. And interestingly “Madras cafe” was playing and had tickets, so we got in and watched the movie. Loved it – the first one to present a balanced view of the Lankan Tamil issue.

Just as we stepped out of the mall, we met Subbu, Vivek and Prasad – getting caught for bunking classes with your husband was a first for me 🙂 and it felt nice, anything that is a little off the regular always is more interesting.

A beautiful day befitting the special day it was for Krishnan and I, spent our way. We have made sure we kept up our track record of not spending our anniversary in the same place twice ! Thank you my love – for the large canvas that you create for painting our life together…

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