Daily Reflections

Make up ?

Make up not,
The spots and warts
On your face,
Just clean your heart
And the spots go away…

Make up not,
The scars and lines
Don’t fill your age with Botox,
A well lived life
Will have scars and lines…

Make up not,
The words you speak,
If your heart isn’t speaking
For your deeds show
What your heart thinks ….

Make up not
The sweet feelings,
The pretty looking vegetables
Taste as the cook felt
Not as the plastic smile ….

Make up not
The giving and sharing
For the small gestures
Of holding back your hand
Tells it all ….

The fool he is
Who tries to make up a life
Life is to be lived
Life is to be felt and smelt and tasted,
Make up not …. The coffin or the cadaver !!


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