Singapore and Ananda Bhavan

There are some things about Singapore that I love – the cleanliness, the safety, for a long time the Changi airport was the best airport we had seen, the Jurong bird park, the MRT and Ananda Bhavan. Singapore was the first “foreign” country that I visited and it has been a lucky start…. Have had a chance to visit several countries.

This trip to Singapore, I was staying at the Albert court village strategically located at the border of Little India. This time I arrived from Hong Kong at 1 am and couldn’t see how “strategic” Albert Court was 🙂 so I ended up eating dinner on Friday night at the hotel. On Saturday May 11th I was to meet Adeeti at Takashimaya mall. So I went to the front desk to ask for directions. I knew Albert court was close to Little India, so I asked for directions to Little India too. The friendly person at the reception told me, “use the door at the back and cross the road, walk to your right and you are in Little India”. And he also gave me directions to Takashimaya.. 2 kms away. I first wanted breakfast and I went out through the back door .. Stood at the traffic light and I see Ananda Bhavan, across the road !!! I felt so stupid that I had eaten the dinner at the hotel – but I have made up for it by eating all the other four days only at Ananda Bhavan. I love the Appam, Ragi Puttu and Ragi Idiappam besides the podi idli. Don’t have the coffee, it’s Bru not filter coffee. There are three Ananda Bhavans I know of in Little India. One across the road from Albert court, then diagonally across as you enter Little India (Arcade on the right) and the third one as you walk down the road.

I had good breakfast at Ananda Bhavan on Saturday morning and then started my walk towards Takashimaya. While I stood in front of Peace Centre, I asked one other bystander the way and it turned out that she worked in a mall across Takashimaya. Well, I thought I walk fast, but this little girl set a really fast pace of walk and we reached Takashimaya in about 18 mins ! I was sweating courtesy the weather and the pace 🙂 help does arrive when you need it. Great coincidence that she was walking towards the same place I wanted to go to.

Visit the Kinokuniya bookshop in Takashimaya if you are a book lover.

I managed to go out for a walk almost everyday this time and for the first time saw stray cats in Singapore ! I thought there were no stray animals at all in Singapore but one of by lanes where I walked had stray cats. Also Little India does little to India’s image – it’s reminiscent of the crowded and dirty markets of India 🙁

This trip I also visited a hospital where Krishnan’s aunt was getting treated. Again a different experience from India – clean rooms, clean hallways, clean elevators, just a clean hospital ! Got the opportunity to eat at Murugan Idli shop opposite Mustafa. The Idlis tasted just as good and the opportunity to chat with Radha was great.

A good business trip too …

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