Borrowing from the future

The two words etched in all our memories from this latest term in Brazil is Sustainable development – it’s about not borrowing from the future, not depleting without replenishing and leaving a better world behind.

It’s difficult for the human race, our DNA is hard wired to borrowing from the future. Parents borrow their child’s future by living their lives through them, why else should there be pressure on the child to study a particular subject ? Or choose a certain profession ?

We are miserable today, missing all the good surrounding us for something bad that might happen in the future – borrowed sorrows from the morrow ! Watch your thoughts, some of us use the rear view mirror and reflect on the past and live there and some of us are perpetually in the future, imagining it optimistically or pessimistically – the present is forgotten, unlived.

The abuse that we subject our bodies to is again borrowing from the future, the human body can probably live healthy for 200 years or more, but we drink, overdose on junk, pop pills and sit behind a monitor all day and borrow all that future time and kill ourselves in 70 years or even less.

So it looks like an uphill task that humanity will avert the crisis due to borrowing from the future, and do sustainable development, we will probably innovate when the crisis hits and survive it.

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