Easy Trek made difficult

Yesterday morning, we went on a trek in the Mudumalai forest. Exciting ? Yes and the forest is so beautiful. We had two local boys as guides.

On Saturday evening, we had booked the trek with the Club Mahindra events coordinator and since mom was with us and we hadn’t got the shoes to do a mountain trek, we had asked for a two hour simple trek.

We were at the gate at 6.50 am and we started at 7. Initially we thought we needed to climb up a little to get to level ground and continue the walk but soon realised that it was more climbing ! Finally, I told the guides that we cannot climb since we weren’t wearing the proper shoes and Amma was very uncomfortable as the dry bamboo leaves that carpeted the jungle floor were slippery. So the guides turned into the fire cutting line, a stretch that was a clearing between two parts of the jungle that helped stop a forest fire. We got to see as small herd of spotted deer and a couple of eagles.






Thank God the trek was uneventful except for a few slips here and there, but Club Mahindra has to think about their communication a bit. The guides were told trek and they assumed mountain trek, not the regular flat trek and am thinking what if someone had some genuine problem climbing … Not a pleasant situation.

The rest of the stay was uneventful, but the drive back was tension filled with two drivers behaving rather badly, cutting some of us off unexpectedly and in general making the drive difficult. Somehow I feel till many Indian men learn to accept that there are some women drivers who can drive faster and better than them and its ok – we have no hope of equality. No, these two drivers certainly don't care about anybody else, it's not about woman or man driver, they were just bad drivers and yes, I have their car numbers :):)

Anyway – another day to deal with that.

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