A mini-lesson day

The day started with huge disappointment … The last 3 minutes of a 30 minute conversation completely demotivated me. Am big on fairness in all dealings, and someone being unfair put me off completely. For a few minutes I didn’t want to meet anyone, do anything, but things moved on. Meetings mania took over and an SMS, a call and a bbm message helped calm me down a bit.

Then the first fun thing happened – someone I worked with in Spectramind popped his head in and we got to catch up on old friends and colleagues. Felt so nice to see some folks’ growth in the ten years since I had last me them.

And then the next high came along, our one missing Scorpio friend kept his word and met me after a eleven year break ! The debate on whose coffee was the best coffee, and catching up on the many “common” acquaintances, the welcome changes and the even more welcome unchanged – the years fell away. And the mean comment on the “pulihora” just apt ! Varun – I make it the best, go on, be as mean as you wish to be, truth doesn’t change with mean-ness 🙂

And the “ROFL” comment by a friend of Arun on his Facebook post that had me laughing till tears came out – perfect close to the day.

Today was a mini-lesson on how life is – a little sad, a little regular, a little angry, a little happy, a little very happy – on average, just right !

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