Sick in a foreign land and no keys in Bangalore !

The one side cold that I picked up before boarding the flight to Singapore just got worse … Remained one sided but became a sore throat and a fever too. The office all colleague lunch that we had in a hotel probably contributed to it as the room was very cold and as I got out of the room my ears got blocked !!

For the first time I have fallen sick in a foreign land…. I have gone to the US once with a cold but that got better and I could complete work there – this is the first time I had to cut short my visit and return home.

Now sitting in a nearly empty Silkair flight that has just 30 people onboard – ideally should have sold the tickets at 50% discount. If airlines start doing that for last minute bookings they may be able to fill their flights – maybe do it randomly, rather than for every empty flight. While the Changi airport remains as efficient as always, something has changed – it doesn’t feel as the shopping paradise that it once felt. Singapore also seems to be changing – the buildings are beautiful as always, and more newer constructions have come up but yesterday’s traffic jam was different … I ended up coughing as I entered a different area or a different office even when I didn’t have a cough and a colleague with me who didn’t have a cold also did… Something in the air has changed.

I did manage to go to my favourite Ananda Bhavan, but at the airport and they didn’t have my favourite “Puttu” or “Appam” – Idlis are recommended but don’t get the coffee, it’s bad. I left the whole cup after having a sip.

Now to stay at another friend’s place in Bangalore, till Krishnan and mom come over with the key to the house :):) this is really turning out to be a one of a kind trip.

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