Veena stores and Vedavalli

Vedavalli’s birthday was celebrated in style … We went early in the morning to “Veena Stores” that claims to sell the best Idlis in India and nearly bought the house !!

So we bought Idlis, pulihora, khara baath, kesari baath, bisibele baath and vada that lasted us the entire day and my mom enjoyed every bit of it. The Idlis were really nice, but to be claimed as the best Idlis … Am not so sure. My grandmother made the best Idlis in the world – they literally melted in your mouth and you could go through ten of them and still feel like you aren’t full. Now, no one makes those Idlis. Ok, am finicky and nitpicky and very particular about many things and Idlis is one of them.

Discovering Veena stores also gave us a great 20 Kms cycling loop, so tomorrow morning’s ride will include a coffee stop at Veena Stores. It’s a tiny place, but the food tastes awesome and looking at the number of customers, am sure they are sold out in a few hours. These kind of eateries also bring home the point that nowhere in the world can you get food as cheap as in India ! A plate of Idli costs Rs. 18/- 🙂

Wish my dear mom lives a long life and remains an innocent at heart always …. If only she can stop driving me up the wall :):):) ok ok will try not to be mean to her today and I didn’t fight with her so good day !

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