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Rajapaksa in India

Protests mark Rajapaksa visit

The Sri Lankan President, Rajapaksa came to India four days back and visited Bodh Gaya and Tirupati. As always, our spineless government was a mute spectator and arrested the Tamil leader Vaiko who protested against Rajapaksa coming to India. Nitish Kumar, the Bihar CM even presented a memento to Rajapaksa.

And then yesterday Arnab passionately argued solo (panelists’ voices were drowned) about why Yasin Malik shared the dais with a dreaded terrorist…. If you are wondering what’s the connection between the two stories, it is this – Rajapaksa needs to be tried for war crimes against innocent civilians in the Sri Lankan war against LTTE and we treat him with all honor due to a head of state, why because the one lakh plus Tamilians that got killed were not Indians ?

We are a spineless nation led by spineless politicians who can spring into action when elections loom large, dump supporting legitimate struggles because it suits them, and just manifest the emptiness of their brains and souls !!

Bodh Gaya got polluted because a killer of innocents came there and was honoured, and I wonder how Swami Venkateshwara feels about letting such a human being to step into his house :(:(

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