Deja Vu … Randomly

Prof Chopra … Today when you talked about a slide being dense, the class was quiet since it reminded us of a time when most of us collectively felt dense 🙂 you also spoke of how when 80% of the class gets an answer wrong, then it’s most definitely the teacher’s fault. I beg to disagree and I have data with me. Your colleague and co-author Prof Deshmukh was an awesome Professor. We loved the way he taught and I don’t think any of us have been taught maths and stats by a better teacher …. But many of us struggled with most of the topics. Probability gave us the runs, variability and the sigma levels and NORMDIST gave us migraines, normal distribution made us behave abnormally and if only you had seen us as we filed out after giving the first test – you would have known why the class was quiet momentarily today.

We survived and some of us do understand these concepts a bit more, the fear still lurks around the corner and randomly attacks us … Our eyes glaze over when you say 2 sigma and area under the curve etc. Just want to say, you are a great teacher, this topic and our batch don’t exactly get along so even if 80% of the class gets a question wrong, take no blame on yourself !!

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