On Jan 11, I finally completed 10000 kms …. Cycling. And while it has been delayed by nearly 18 months, I still feel great having achieved that milestone.

Am no athlete, I gave up on the little badminton that I played right through college, as soon as I married Krishnan and then the only competition I ever took part in was how much weight I could pile on. Several other things that happened in life at that time helped me add the kilos till that trip to Bhutan in July 2005. I made up my mind that I will be fitter and will get healthier – weight didn’t matter, it was important that I exercised regularly. And I did lose nearly 20 kilos over the next three years by walking and exercising. Then in May 2009, I rediscovered cycling. Have to thank Anand for telling Krishnan about his weekend rides (!) with some folks and making us buy the Trek 4300 …. And then the first ride to Mangar with the Pedalyatris. Thanks Manish for fixing the saddle at the right height for me without even allowing me to complain and always riding ahead of me making the ride look easy ! Thanks Rajesh for not being able to keep up with me – and those early morning calls that I tried to dodge unsuccessfully till we just dropped off the radar for sometime.

There are many other PYs – Ganesh, Atam, Sanjit, Jasbir, Ajay, Anant, Venu, Muthu, Bobby, Sachin, Juhi, Prabhat, Avinash, Nitish, Michael, Nalin, Pavane, Min Jang, Rajesh and Nandini Tiwary, Rajan, Narayanan, Sudha, Hitanshu, Jeremy, Rajesh Duddu, Kavita, Deep, Vivek, Steve…. And many more PYs that made cycling cool. Many of us became friends as we huffed and puffed our way and then some of us graduated to not huffing and puffing but still remained friends. The samosa that I couldn’t buy for Pavane and the many stories over cups of tea all of us shared, the Bindu biscuits and the sheer addiction of outdoing accessories that Anand had – precious memories and they just keep adding.

We have had a break for about a year and a half and our riding has been sporadic, but the love of cycling is intact. The next 100×100 will come a lot sooner…

Interesting coincidence that I completed 10000 kms in dad’s favourite city, exactly four years and a month after he passed on and he loved cycling 🙂 also the spot I crossed 10k was in front of a Hanuman mandir, my mom’s favourite God and Lara Dutta beamed down with a “New Year, New You, Kellogg K” from an advertising billboard !!

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  1. Oh Bindu, what an honour to find a mention in your blog. Happy pedalling and thanks for the occasional, original filter coffee from Coorg, the taste lasts a year!!


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