Happy birthday Appa

Dear Appa,

Wish you a very happy birthday, this time from your favourite city Bangalore 🙂 we celebrated your birthday with a ride in the morning and Bhel Puri in the evening.

Amma wants to let you know that she is becoming a little more independent everyday. Infact she has dealt with this change of location a lot better than I have. She now goes for a walk on her own and she even has figured out getting tender coconut water all by herself. No, she still continues to not know locations but she knows to get back home when she is just close by.. And most importantly she has figured out the cellphone fully !!

It was a long day at work and I was thinking of you off and on – you worked a six day week all through your career, but you also enjoyed your time off. Now most folks don’t know what to do with a two day weekend. I don’t remember you saying you were bored… You always had something to do or you went out for a walk or went out to meet friends – with all the technology advances people have a lot more leisure and they get bored !!

Last birthday we had the downstairs apartment go up in flames and this birthday the country is up in flames with what happened to Damini. In a country that wants boys, you always wanted to have a girl … Thanks Appa. You never pampered me, but that ensured I was strong mentally to deal with whatever life threw at me. You were never over protective, so I didn’t know that I needed protection because I was a girl, and I went about trying everything with no fear. You never said I should not be doing something because I was a girl, so I don’t understand any limits. Most invaluable was the way you treated me as a responsible adult, equal to a man, no less, no more. Ofcourse I am blessed that I married Krishnan who is the wind beneath the wings that you gave me, letting me fly wherever and do anything – no wonder you liked him so much. Really, birds of a feather flock together.. Krishnan’s mother being as strong, Appa being so egalitarian, its no wonder I felt at home instantly. Thanks dad. For wanting a daughter and being a great role model for men on how to raise their daughters !! We need more men like you 🙂

Happy birthday, dear Appa.

Lots of love

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