Cycling in Bangalore

Our first ride in Bangalore happened yesterday … A short 12 Km ride. There isn’t a stretch like our GCR or CRPF or even the GFR. The closest is probably the airport road, which we plan to try tomorrow to assess traffic conditions.

The best thing about Bangalore is we burnt nearly 2/3rds of the calories that we would in the 25 kms ride in Gurgaon in just the 12 kms ride because there are so many ups and downs 🙂 yes, I know, am making an effort to like some things about Bangalore. Also the famed weather is as good as it is touted to be. The best part is, I can ride alone early in the morning or late at night and be safe …. So unlike Gurgaon or Delhi. No one gawks at you, people look at you and speak, not to other parts of your body, overall a more polite city !!

The traffic is probably the only thing that is killing Bangalore and on Sunday we tried going to an Apple store on MG Road, only to spend an hour trying to find parking and finally gave up. Sunday I nearly wept when I saw what has happened to MG Road :(:(:( the metro is a monstrosity that has scarred the facade of the iconic MG Road. Beautiful Bangalore has a permanent “Nazar battu” 🙁

I wonder where we lost our sense of aesthetics, how could we spoil the beautiful MG Road ? But that’s a dumb question, after what happened in Delhi on Saturday – when human monsters are roaming free, what’s a cement filled monster 🙁

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