What a start to Term 4 !!

First we manage to conduct our own classes on Saturday and what informative sessions they were ! We found out about how Ahmed spiritedly helped turn around the fortunes of his spirits organization and how much of thought goes behind changing a brand’s positioning. Also some alarming statistics on the southern region’s consumption of alcoholic beverages …. And all this while I thought Delhi and Punjab were the “drinking” capitals of India. I was so wrong !

Then Sreedhar’s arty finance class – just the opening story clarified so much for the finance poets. Sreedhar just got into trouble by doing such an awesome session – now he will be asked to repeat it often and do other sessions as well. So Sreedhar – your demand function just changed.

How many people knew that India has the world’s largest choice in terms of TV channels ??? All those who attended the session by Vivek yesterday certainly didn’t and from the surprised look on Prof Krishnamurthi’s face today, he didn’t too. Ok, we have 623 TV channels in India. For that nugget of information and for how TRPs are calculated and many other interesting facts and figures – that session too just made us more aware.

Then the ISB day dinner and ofcourse my mini drama with the Airconditioning made me just fall asleep at 9.30.

Today was a really a loooooooonnnnnggggggg day starting at 8.30 am with a super hi-tech FDMM test, then the FSVC and Marketing management classes. Well my ragging in this term started with the AC situation yesterday and continued today with Prof Krishnamurthi saying no one really wants to see my pictures on Facebook and then was completed when Feroze said I need to first become a flop actress before becoming an agony aunt …. Hmmm lots of direct feedback that I have to do something with :):):):)

There is something about the ISB campus and the whole environment that just helps us to regress and progress at the same time – regress to our school girl/boy behaviour and progress to a better informed and more respected professional, both behaviours widening our perspectives. I just love the interplay of these two behaviours.

Cool start to yet another happening term …

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