The room is empty

The empty room, is empty again
Temporarily filled,
Nine years of memories
Filled three cartons
And a heart full …
To step away from the familiar
To embrace the unknown
The memorised extensions
To be expanded
The voices different
The thoughts new
… And another adventure begins

A few cartons started
This adventure, those years back
Strange coincidence
The players then will get together
In a different city
For different reasons…
The destiny series redone
But the first destiny to be lived yet !
The plant remained a constant
While the players changed
The change set in motion
When the floors changed.

Much learnt and much learning on its way
A lot invested
A lot returned
A truly deep marriage
Of values, beliefs and outlook
Many valued relationships
Deep and abiding
The right new, taking guard
The excitement of the new
Trying hard to stem
The tears of letting go
Of the much loved !!

The world is round
And all that goes around
Comes around
Afresh and renewed
Nothing stays the same
Not even plastic..
And the place matters not
The tree standing for a hundred years
Is a different one each day
What of man who changes
With every breath, every moment
Reborn and minted new…

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