100 day jinx broken !

We finally got back on the saddle after 98 days !!! We last rode in the ISB campus during my term 1 and once we got back, for some strange reason we just did not ride. Even the fancy supercool PY Tshirts didn’t put us back on the saddle.

Today too we tried to find many reasons why we couldn’t ride … Had to pump air in the tyres, we had spent too much time having tea, couldn’t find my riding glasses, too much dust on the helmet etc etc. But we just decided to go out and get onto the saddle and ride atleast 5 kms ! Once we got on the saddle though, it felt so great that we did the entire old weekday loop, leaving out the last leg upto the CRPF gate. Did 23 Kms and I can’t stop grinning.

Met Rupesh, who was running. Running and Living had a duothalon going on and some of the traffic cops tried telling us which way to turn 🙂 it was like guests telling the house owners where things were kept in their house !!!

There cannot be anymore jinxes – enough. Now we need to repeat 2009-2010 in 2013 – 5000 kms on the bike. Manish, get ready.

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