A storm 22 years back nearly brought on a rain of tears 🙂 I was at Vizag and Krishnan had to come there in order to celebrate his birthday, the first after we had met in March that year. A cyclone left planes grounded and trains were canceled … He still managed to come over as promised and his birthday dinner was at Hotel Daspalla. A very special memory associated with Vizag and the hotel….

Yesterday when I was told that the party was at Hotel Daspalla, it brought back all those special memories. What a celebration we had 🙂 first we get into the elevator cutting out Bhat secure in the knowledge that Feroze knew where to go… Got off on the top floor, tried inspecting the construction and finally reached the right floor. While the music was loud and it got Manoj to behave and dance “normally” … It also brought out the hidden sense of humor in Raman. Venky’s photography students were busy clicking and we have some amazing pictures by Good Student Bhat. Now waiting to see what Lalit and Subbu did with their learning. Prof Krishna Kumar had to be rescued from the micro corner of the hall to the more macro side, while ensuring he stayed close enough to the snacks, beer and his students !! Vikas couldn’t escape cutting the cake with us and letting us know that he got promoted before the last term – we will find a way to get him to treat us now.

Archita losing her voice was exactly like India losing the voice BPO to Phillippines and Antony drove us safely to the EH from the gate. We laughed so much on the way back that I have new laugh lines now to contend with !! Maybe I don’t need any makeup for Halloween.

One more special memory added to Hotel Daspalla and PGPMAX 2013…

pictures by Bhat

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