Term 3 begins ..

It was a laugh riot while we were on the plane together and then at the airport and finally before the EFM exam – like Arun said, all of us were nervous and it was being expressed as uncontrollable giggles. The late night Akerlof prank by Antony and the early morning call from Venkat to confirm what time the test was and not getting even the staple cookies and fruit basket at EH all contributed to the nervousness. MR = MC is etched in stone in every one of our heads, no way are we forgetting that ! And finally I gave the most expensive test of my life – courtesy the missed flight yesterday. I better get a good score 🙁

Interestingly enough, the after test faces were still cheerful, and we were hungry at lunch time – guess the “test giving” competency is slowly getting developed.

This time am in row 1 … It offers a different view of the class. I hope no one noticed how Vivek went closer to Rajendra – he was feeling cold and the draft was over his head, but anyone seeing him do that would have thought I smelt bad or that we had a fight 🙂

Finally the “Adda” did happen – Arun’s skepticism, Archita’s hurt feelings and the original starters of this conversation Venky and I trying hard to convince everyone of the truth. Gossip’s value as a de-stresser is underestimated. Maybe someone is researching about it and not gossiping enough 🙂

Hope the laughter continues as we bend our brains into new neural pathways and start the number crunching gymnastics – the start is promising. Prof Suren is awesome ! I am amazed that he timed his leaving the country just when I was born – how did he know about my being a poet on finance ??? After teaching many other poets, he is finally attempting to teach the likes of me. All I can promise is staying awake – staying alert and understanding is going to be an effort.

Looking forward to the macro picture of the world tomorrow – can relate to that hopefully.

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