To my Soul-sister !


We got introduced in a Chemistry lab and since then have been a part of each other’s experiments with life. I was joining Wesley college in the second year – they were the only college who accepted me in year two after my first year in Gujarati medium at Jamnagar 🙂 Meera was a neighbour at my aunt’s place and a year senior to us, and she remarked while going to college that she will introduce me to a certain Vidya in my class and that she would be a good friend !! Little did she know, she was getting two soul sisters to meet.

One look at Vidya and I knew we will be friends, she had curly hair, something I have always wanted, beautiful eyes, and a laugh that had her whole self thrown into it. Impossible not to like. And we did become friends, a passion for books, writing poetry and being crazy built our friendship. Vidya had these special other friends that I was ready to kill and we fought about that. Our countless hours of discussing Ayn Rand slowed down a bit when Uncle (Vidya’s dad) told us, “remember Ayn Rand died in a mental asylum” !!! The first ever time that Padma, her sister, met me, she said to Vidya, “now you have a friend” and somehow that statement stuck …. I don’t think Padma knows why she made that statement, but thank God she did, because the universe conspired to make it true.

Then married life took over for both of us and for a short time, in the non-internet, no Facebook world then, we lost contact. Then while rummaging through our old letters I found an address in Chennai (her cousin) and did a Sherlock Holmes and deducted the phone number, got her new address and went and met her sometime in 1992.

Our long conversations and even longer silences continued and we discovered our deep connection. There are days when I have felt like crying and have called Vidya up to realise she was upset and it has happened vice versa. The many job shifts, our respective challenges and happy moments, we shared it all. Vidya is one friend that I can call up and speak to at any time and the connection ofcourse never breaks. She is also one of the finest human beings I have ever met – deeply values driven and genuine, there is no fake bone in that petite beautiful frame. Besides the drop dead gorgeous looks, it’s the beauty of her heart that shines through every moment and dazzles.

I have never written down Vidya’s birthday – just like Geetu’s and I have never forgotten it. Today, thanks to Steve Jobs I was able to wish Vidya on her birthday and nearly have a virtual lunch with Anand and her 🙂 Krishnan got the chance to tell her one of his trademark jokes and just to hear that laughter, I can buy a backup iPad !!!

Vidya, you deserve the choicest of blessings and they are reserved for you … Life cannot be unfair to a person as fair as you. Love you lots and Hanuman bless :):):):):)

P.s that little temple where you and I had to stand guard over your diya is now a full fledged temple and Hanuman is happy. I see it everyday on my way to work – that’s how much luck you bring wherever you go sweetie !

2 thoughts on “To my Soul-sister !”

  1. You blew me away – tears rolling down my cheek – not sure I am derserving of all the lovely things you have said. It has given me the time to read all your other blogs as well – at last….

    You have not lost your magic with the pen – go for it write your way to a Pulitzer prize.

    Words elude me at the moment and I can harly say anything choking with emotions… You are as true a friend as friends can get. Love as always


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