The Storm

The sky has changed color
And the clouds have started to fight
The muddy brown of yesterday
Will soon be a runny brown
If any of the cloud loses the fight
And cries
The sky blue in the morning
Hint of green and purple
Giving way to the dark night
The wires broken
The windscreen is dusty, can’t see
And the storm just arrived
May uproot much….
Cause disruption, hurt life and draw fissures
But the Earth is strong
And will just be washed clean
The grime and dust will clear
Cobwebs in the mind may still remain
The tentative offshoots will survive
While the ramrod straight, unbending tree breaks
The tendrils will sway and reconnect
The Earth recharged
The season’s changing
A sweater to shield …
And keep the heart warm
Till the Sun comes up again
And the moon can return
The fog lifts
And the clouds stop fighting !!!

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