“Maya” Manifested

The interminable wait
For the phone to ring
The missed call to remind
That it’s our hour ….
The open iPad or Mac to see if a face appears,
All to no avail !!
The headache intensifies and ebbs
As hope and disappointment come and go..
Then the tightness of the shirt,
Replaced by the tightness of the heart
The headache replaced by sleep
Disturbed … And light
The midnight email,
Brings a sleepy smile
And a reply to confirm
Life is fine on both shores
Of the Pacific
Such are the new relationships
Across time zones, across miles
The glance that couldn’t go across the
High fence of a neighbour
Now travels through many firewalls
The accidental meeting of the eyes
Across a fruit stall or spilled papers
Now across a Facebook chat window
Or a Picassa picture gallery
The wonders of the world
Shared instantly with the
Wonder-ful in your life
Weddings watched from every corner
Killings broadcast widely
Death and life captured in high definition
And we still worry
If all of this virtual connect, remains
Just virtual …
The need to connect
Instantly and regularly
Is what created humanity
Love that jumped off a train
To call and confirm he is fine
Today just picks up a cellphone
What you are eating
Drinking or wearing
All instantly shared
The virtual world
Has brought alive “connectedness”
The romance of long letters
And flowers dried between the pages of a book
Replaced with instant chat
Phone or email
And fresh flowers delivered anywhere
Anytime …

Anyday !! And always…
This is “maya” manifested !

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